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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Our Clients.

How can i check my project progress ?

What is the process to start a project with Shinetheweb Softwares Pvt Ltd ?

How can i set a meeting with Shinetheweb Softwares Pvt Ltd ?

My cheque is bounced and how can i pay now for my service ?

What is the general cost for renewal and how can i get the amount to pay ?

I am not getting any service and i need service as soon as possible ?

I have some urgent modification, what i have to do ?

I have a website redesigning, how can i start with Shinetheweb Softwares Pvt Ltd?

I need a training to use my website / software, how can i get the training ?

My website / Software needs some data modification or chnages please help me ?

What is SEO and is it free, how SSPL can help us ?

My website is not coming in google, what i have to do ?

I want to put some complain what i have to do ?

How can i get the renewal alert for my website / Software ?

Is the renewal price changes every year ?

My friend needs a software / website, what i will do ?

Can i get my C-panel and FTP access, what i have to do ?

Can i renew my website for more years, what will be the cost ?

Can i get the number of visitors to my website, and trafic details ?

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